Welcome to TRIO Protocol

What is $TRIO?

TRIO is a decentralized protocol combining token mechanisms from RFI, ITS and CORE. This includes Frictionless yield farming, automated buybacks and auto liquidity generation.

Frictionless Yield Farming

The frictionless Yield farming Mechanism works by distributing a 1 % fee placed on all transactions to all holders. They are transferred automatically so all you need to do is hold the token to farm.

Automated Buybacks and liquidity generation

TRIO uses an Alchemize feature which can be called once every 20 minutes, it is working automatically at the moment but can also be called manually. When Alchemize is called:

  • The protocol automatically removes 2% of the liquidity locked inside the contract, which is broken down into BNB and TRIO
  • The BNB is then used to market-buy TRIO
  • 95% of the TRIO is then burned
  • 5% of the remaining TRIO is sent to the function caller as rewards since it’s a high-gas function

The Alchemize feature will create buy pressure and create trading opportunities which in turn, will generate more yield for holders. Over time, the liquidity stored inside of the contract grows bigger and bigger, which creates a price-floor for TRIO.


  • Total supply: 12,000
  • Liquidity Treasury : 10% (Note: These treasury tokens can never be moved or transferred so they are essentially out of circulation)

Please find us on Telegram where you will find all relevant links

Telegram: https://t.me/TRIO_protocol

Website: https://trioprotocol.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bsc_trio